About Ellis Cole Jewelry

Ellis Cole is a jewelry studio specializing in unique, handcrafted artisan jewelry that has a boho flair. We use various metals but focus on silver, and we focus on stones such as turquoise, amethyst, labradorite, aquamarine, moonstone, and lapis, just to name a few. Our jewelry, inspired by nature, art, poetry, and fantasy, is elegant and one-of -a-kind.

Ellis Cole Jewelry Designs strives to embody symbolism and individualism in each piece so that you feel you are wearing something that truly has meaning to you. When you buy a piece of Ellis Cole Jewelry, you can feel as though you are wearing a piece of art that reflects who you are as a person.  Since Ellis Cole Jewelry does focus on personal meaning and symbolism, you can also feel that you are choosing a special and important piece to give to a loved one.

Each piece of Ellis Cole Jewelry is handmade with great care, and our goal is to reach a level of perfection that reflects our personal love for each piece.

It is our hope that you truly find love and inspiration in each piece.

Thank you so much for supporting our endeavor to create meaningful jewelry.

- Robin