May 29, 2022

Emma and Alistair

By Robin Bigham
Emma and Alistair - Ellis Cole Jewelry Designs

Jewelry idea inspirations from nature and birds. Where Birds and Blossoms series came from.

Can you tell I'm a bird lover? So, I guess it is fitting that my name is Robin. While staying home this past year due to Covid-19, my husband, John, and I have become acquainted with our wildlife in the backyard.  Two precious little wrens took up residence in our Italian Cypress trees, so we named them Emma and Alistair.

Alistair has the most beautiful red crown and chest, and he sings his little heart out with the sweetest, lovely melody.

Most days for lunch, John and I would sit and watch this little couple fly in and out of these six towering trees as if they had some really important agenda going on, Alistair always following close behind Emma.

 What were they doing in there? I began to imagine a cozy little home, and intrigued by this secluded mystery, I even tried to look through the tightly snug branches to see if there was a magical secret tucked away inside. I feel like John and I were forced to slow the pace of our pre-Covid lives, and learn to calm down and enjoy the little things in life, much like the life of my childhood when there really didn't seem to be anything so terribly important to do that my mother and I couldn't find the time to just sit and swing under the branches of our tall East Texas pine trees. It was a time in my life when we didn't eat out, we didn't go to the movies, we just enjoyed the comfort of home. John and I both had to relearn that skill of relaxing and focusing on family.

These wrens represent true love, I believe, because they never seem to be out of each other's sight. And it makes me question our belief as humans that other species cannot possibly show and experience love as much as humans do.


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