November 08, 2021

A Tribute to Lucy Burly Ellis and Agnes Naomi Cole

By Robin Bigham
A Tribute to Lucy Burly Ellis and Agnes Naomi Cole - Ellis Cole Jewelry Designs

The name of my business is a tribute to not only Lucy Burly Ellis and Agnes (Addie) Naomi Cole (pictured above), my great-grandmothers on my dad's side, but to all the women in our history who gave their lives due to childbirth so that we can all be here today.

After doing some research on, I realized that many of our family stories have been lost to time, now nothing more than heresay. I had often heard bits and pieces of my Granny and Grandaddy Hill's story on my dad's side. Both of my grandparents had lost their mothers at age 8 due to childbirth, and I was always told how hard it hit Granddaddy Hill when he was a little boy. It wasn't until I did a bit of research that I realized the gravity of this. Both women died young, in their thirties, and before their own deaths, both women suffered the loss of at least one child due to the illnesses of the time period and the resilience that it took to survive. Because of this, neither of my grandparents really had the chance to know their mothers very well. My dad never met his grandmothers. So, I feel like we now take for granted what it took for our ancestors, especially the wives and mothers, to pave the way for us to thrive now. Thank you to all of the women who came before us and the sacrifices that they made for the success and longevity of our future generations.

So thanks Addie for giving me my chin, mouth, nose, and especially my dimple. 



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